Jon Stewart invites a lot of authors, movie stars and other folks to pitch their books and movies on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. But do you think you could find a simple list of them on the Internets? No. Well, I thought that was really annoying. So I started keeping track.

Here's how it works ...

  • The current season's "Brief List" is on the home page.
  • You can also browse by book cover.
  • Archived book lists from previous years are in the top nav.
  • Enjoy!

    Oh, if you like the guests and books featured on The Daily Show, chances are, you might like guests on the Colbert Report and the books they have written!

    Important! I am not affiliated with The Daily Show in any way. I am just a fan who loves to read and gets a lot of great "to read" ideas from the guests on the show. Also, the book and movie links generally go to Amazon where you can purchase the book. These are affiliate links and if you buy the book, I do get a small commission.

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    July 17, 2011


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