Jon Stewart invites a lot of authors, movie stars and other folks to pitch their books and movies on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. But do you think you could find a simple list of them on the Internets? No. Well, I thought that was really annoying. So I started keeping track.

Here's how it works ...

  • The current season's "Brief List" is on the home page.
  • You can also browse by book cover.
  • If there is a link on the date in the "Brief List", it links to a post about that episode.
  • Archived book lists from previous years are in the top nav.
  • Enjoy!

    Oh, if you like the guests and books featured on The Daily Show, chances are, you might like guests on the Colbert Report and the books they have written!

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    October 07, 2013

    August 11, 2012

    November 09, 2011

    June 01, 2011

    March 21, 2011

    March 08, 2011

    March 07, 2011

    March 03, 2011

    March 02, 2011

    March 01, 2011