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Song from the Tony-winning musical, The Book of Mormon

I haven't been too excited about a lot of the books or movies that guests are touting on The Daily Show these days. I took a look back over the last few weeks and the main thing that caught my eye was that Matt Stone and Trey Parker were back on the show after winning 9 Tony awards. I didn't watch the Tony's this year, but a friend of mine did and said the piece from The Book of Mormon called "I Believe" was worth watching.

So, here it is. The second half of the song is funnier than the first half - so stick with it. And here's hoping Jon has guests on in the next week or so who've got some good stuff to share!

South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone

BookofMormon Jon Stewart killed Kenny.  Just kidding.  But he did interview Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creators of the infamous (and Emmy award-winning) television show South Park.  Following their musical interventions in Team America and South Park the Movie, they now have a Broadway show: The Book of Mormon the Musical.   The interview is definitely worth checking out, as both Parker and Stone speak articulately and frankly about their work broadly and about their new musical Mormon extravaganza, which Parker suggests follows the frameworks of traditional Broadway musicals.  Stewart says of their musical, they "have managed to satirize religion while simultaneously almost celebrating it."