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Paul Clemens and Punching Out

Punchingout Paul Clemens, recepient of a 2008 Guggenheim Fellowship, is the author of Punching Out: One Year in Closing an Auto Plant.  He goes to a auto stamping plant built in 1919.  He goes to the plant and watches it being taken apart.  Literally taken apart.  He discovers that disassembling an industry is an industry in itself.

 His interview is engaging, and as he states in his interview, there's not an argument in the book.  He's not talking about corporate greed.  He's merely describing what happens when a plant closes, blue-collar decline, and he's writing about the very real people who do this work.

Clemens' website offers striking images of the auto plant being dismantled, and, while I'm not one to read about the auto industry per se, what Clemens is offering, a glimpse into the disassembling of industry, is intriguing.


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