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Ac360 Anderson Cooper  joins Jon Stewart in an interview about Cooper's coverage of revolution in Egypt and the current state of affiars in Libya.  Cooper isn't promoting a book (or even necessarily his show).  Instead, this is an interview about the state of the world and the state of journalism.

While the topics weave from safety of journalists covering protests while the state orders to kill foreigners to the critiques Cooper has received when he called Mubarak a liar, Stewart manages to inject humor into the interview.  I love this.  I love how Stewart is able to keep the comedy in his comedy program by using humor in ways that doesn't demoralize the people on the ground.  He doesn't make light of the violence going on.  He just makes fun of the already ridiculous.

It's a great interview.  Check it out if you haven't already!!!

Image of Anderson Cooper is from the Anderson Cooper 360 Facebook page.



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