Edward Glaeser and The Triumph of the City
Brian Williams

January Jones and her new film Unknown

Unknown January Jones, whose talents IMHO were underutilized this past season on AMC's Mad Men, converses with Stewart on her home state of South Dakota. Since she couldn't speak about the particulars of  her new film Unknown (as to not give anything away), much of the interview focused on South Dakotan culture and the rivalry with the North.  This rivalry, IMHO, will one day shake the nation.  Obviously.

The film is a thriller starring Liam Neeson and also features Aidan Quinn and Diane Kruger.   I don't think I'd go to the theatre to see it, but it's definitely the kind of film that I'd watch with friends on a rainy night with plenty of pizza.  Neeson is a strong actor, and I'd like to see how Jones fairs in a thriller film.


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