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Allison Stanger's One Nation Under Contract

OneNationUnderContractDr. Allison Stanger,  Chair of the Political Science Department at Middlebury College, Vermont, is a powerhouse when it comes to US foreign policy.  Beyond her academic accolades, she's provided congressional testimony on issues of wartime policy and government oversight and has served on the Secretary’s Policy Planning Staff (Dept. of State).

Her book, One Nation Under Contract: The Outsourcing of American Power and the Future of Foreign Policy, documents the transformation of how the US fights wars, wars becoming a far more privatized endeavor.  As Dr. Stanger notes, jobs have been created, but not necessarily for Americans.  Wartime contracting she argues "is a  story of unprecedented waste, fraud and abuse."

The interview is compelling, and I bet the book is equally so.  It's on my list to read.


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