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Howard Stern

So Howard Stern came on to The Daily Show to promote his show on Sirius radio.  I'm not a Stern fan.  His humor isn't my style.  For example, he brings up to Stewart the anecdote of how he decided to weight the bowel movement of one of his staff.  Obviously, this shock humor appeals to some.

At the same time, the point made with this anecdote was that while Stern's not encountering the same type of censorship he did while on terrestrial radio, Sirius did attempt to limit what he could do on air.  Accoring to Stern, Sirius informed him that what he proposed would be a health violation.  Stern's people did some digging and lo and behold, Sirius lied.  What did Stern do?  Weighed some poop.

The interview is, of course, funny and on point politically.  It makes me curious what limits there are to satellite radio and what limits we'll see attempted or enacted for emerging media technologies.


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