Joanna Brooks, Daily Show guest, posts delightful "behind the scenes" look as an interviewee
Happy belated birthday to Jon Stewart

Donate to Hurricane Sandy relief organization

On last week's show, Jon mentioned an organization that he and The Daily Show support for relief efforts for Hurricane Sandy - the Carl V. Bini Memorial Fund. They have created the grassroots organization Staten Island Strong that is dedicated to the cleanup and restructuring of the homes devastated by Hurricane Sandy. If you are in the area, they post regular updates on their Facebook page about supply needs and cleanup efforts. And if you're not in the area they are taking donations.

Jon Stewart Helps Clean Up Staten Island

This Thanksgiving, I am so lucky and so thankful. I have a warm cozy home and know that my family is safe and sound. I wish all the best to the people of the East Coast this Thanksgiving as they try to recover and rebuld.

Picture Credit: Staten Island Strong


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